Political Communications

We help governments, institutions, groups and individuals
conduct more effective political communications with their target
audiences.  Thanks to our professional experience and our
knowledge of the effects of media in the political process, we can
design, implement and evaluate political communication campaigns
for our clients.
Training for Political Candidates

We travel all over the world to train candidates to help them win
elections and keep voters on their side.  We provide media
training on how to best deal with journalists and turn public
appearances to our clients' advantage.  We give candidates the
tools to organize a winning campaign, build and nurture their
image, define a message and stay on it.
What is Political Consulting

Political consulting consists
of offering advice and tools
to candidates for public
office in order to increase
their chances of success.  
Services range from general
strategic expertise to
survey research, media
production and placement,
telemarketing, direct mail,
fund raising, media
relations, Internet, etc.

Corporations, lobbies,
NGOs, trade unions and
other entities also use
political consulting for their
public relations, public
affairs, and advocacy

We design, conduct and analyze telephone, in-person and web
surveys of public opinion.  Our interviewers use Computer
Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI), and Computer Assisted
Personal Interviewing (CAPI), which allows for real-time quality
control and a fast turnaround.  Our research produces actionable
results and specific strategic advice.

Our surveys include a package of research products: a filled-in
questionnaire, a survey analysis and recommendations report,
and a book with complete cross-tabs, with sections on
methodology and the definitions of created variables.
Other Services

Additional services we offer are:
Qualitative Research

We provide comprehensive qualitative research, including focus
groups guidelines and recruitment, moderation, and analysis of
their results and the recommendations derived from them.  Our
research design and implementation suit our clients' concrete
audience and needs.  Therefore, we may recommend mini-focus
groups, in-depth one-on-one interviews (dyads), tryads or dial
technology.  Dial technology is particularly well-suited for
measuring immediate perceptions of and reactions to  every bit
of a speech or an advertisement.

A presentation with research results and analysis and audio
recording are included in the price of our focus groups.  Full
written transcription, video recording, video conferencing, and
on-line viewing are billed separately.
Crisis Management
Constituency Relations
Reputation Management
Strategic Communications and Public Opinion Research
Quality and Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Strategic Communications Advice
International Business Partnerships

We help our clients have their voices heard by European
institutions, as they seek to shape policy and educate public
decisionmakers.  As we understand it, lobbying is an excellent
source of information for public authorities and legislators.  
Furthermore, consultations with groups affected by public
decisions help achieve better cooperation from them once
regulations are finally adopted.