We advise public authorities and candidates to help them make
well-informed decisions, thanks to our research and analyses.  

Our primary tools in election campaigns are the use of the polling data
and the implementation of a strategy to create political and
issues-oriented messages that will impact the key target groups.  We
continually test to determine if our initiatives are having the envisioned
effect on the voters, and to measure the candidate´s effectiveness in
communicating those messages.  

The goal of the research is to develop the general themes that can
resonate with our target voters and fine-tune them during the period
of pre-campaign with the help of subsequent polling.  This enables us
to produce stronger, more specific messages that appeal most directly
to our target groups during the actual campaign.  During the most
stressful moments of electioneering, we give objective, professional
advice to assist the candidate and his/her advisors in avoiding costly,
last-minute mistakes.

As part of our consulting role, we are able as well to assist in the
following areas:

We also provide the service of the design, organization and set up of a
political campaign, to enable the candidate to delegate the most
tedious, time-consuming aspects of campaigning and concentrate on
reaching out to the citizens.

The key factor of our success in political consulting is trust in our
professional rigor and strict confidentiality.
Our Political Consulting Services
Strategic calendar of the campaign
Advising on the campaign's organization and structure,
with an emphasis on volunteers and fundraising.
Candidate's reaction to unexpected situation and crises
Rapid response
Structuring public communications, including slogans,
speeches, statements and press releases.
Analyzing the information about other political contenders
and preparing how to deal with it.
Preparing the candidate's image and political profile for
public appearances, especially debates on TV.